Saturday, May 16, 2015


Memorial day is Monday May 25
We'll meet at the cemetery at 9:00 am
We are excited for you to see the new headstone
for Grandma LaRue
as well as Larry's beautiful bench
We'll have our annual breakfast 
and four square game.

We're getting ready to renovate the basement
and upgrade the heating system
so we will appreciate help from all the
strong young men in the family
to help move furniture out of the basement
into the garage on that morning!
We'll call you to make the food assignments
for the breakfast.
Hope to see you all on  Memorial Day!

A Sweet "Tender Mercy"

Uncle Vic, Grandpa's 92 year old brother
passed away last evening, May 15, 2015
His daughter, Dree brought him to see us just
three and a half weeks ago!
He stayed over night with us and
he and Grandpa had such a good visit.
It was a sweet "tender mercy" for them to be together
and watch them express their love for one another.
We knew he wasn't in very good health but no one knew
just how sick he really was until they got him to the Dr. after he got home.
His funeral will be Friday May 22, 2015

 So happy to be together

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Do You Know How to Make an Old Man Happy?

The highlight of Grandpa's week is cutting the lawn!
He was up at the crack of dawn,
hurried through breakfast and scripture reading
then he was ready to mow.
He hasn't been wearing his "boot" lately
but he agreed to put it on to mow the lawn.
I'm grateful we got it done before I had to leave 
to visit my sister and help her with lunch.
Now he's a happy man!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Emily Beck and Christie Boswell Baby Shower

Wilfy numbers 36 and 37 are coming this sumer!
Please join us in celebrating these events at a baby shower
on Saturday May 2, 2015
At  Aunt Julie Beck's home in Murray.
11:00 am to 1:00 pm
They are both registered at Target and Baby's R Us
Gift cards will be appreciated since they will be 
returning home on the plane and 
luggage is limited.
Hope to see you all there!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wilfy gift exchange

Our annual Wilfardo / Wilfy party is just a few weeks away!  Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa, for hosting every year - we love it!

Below is a list of the Wilfy book gift exchange. The age is how old the child will be in December.

Jeremy - Dylan Mason, age 3

Hailey - Austin Barfuss, age 1

Max - Jace Larsen, age 7

Jordan - Cory Dastrup, age 5

Zoe - Ayden Turek, age 3

Madison - Cade Hancock, age 3

Dylan B. - Mason Hancock, age 6

Brady - Jackson May, age 1

Tylie - Lyla Barfuss, age 2

Leah - Jordan Banks, age 10

Jace - Roman Turek, 5 months

Cannon - Olivia Banks, age 7

Olivia - Parker Mason, age 1

Mason - Zoe Tidwell, age 10

Cayden - Mya Glenn, age 4

Cory - Leah Larsen, age 8

William - Gwendolyn Barfuss, 6 months

Mya - Cayden Barfuss, age 5

Ayden - Max Tidwell, age 12

Jaken - Cannon Tidwell, age 7

Dylan M. - Jeremy Dastrup, age 16

Cade - Madison Barfuss, age 9

Lyla - Dylan Banks, age 8

Owen - Zaylee Hancock, age 1

Austin - Brady Dastrup, age 8

Jackson - William Tidwell, age 4

Zaylee - Jaken Barfuss, age 3

Parker - Tylie Hancock, age 8

Gwendolyn - Owen Glenn, age 1

Roman - Mack Glenn, 5 weeks

Mack Glenn - Hailey Dastrup, 14

Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Love, Erica

Monday, December 1, 2014

Wilfy/Wilfardo Christmas Party

Saturday December 20, 2014
12:00 Noon
Grandpa and Grandma's Basement
Program, (Jessica is in charge….
Let her know if you would like to participate)
 Cousin gift exchange, 
(Jessica and Erica will let you know who gives to whom)
Christmas Stocking!
We hope to see you all on December 20th!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sarah will be speaking in Sacrament meeting
Prior to entering the MTC
and her mission to Sacramento
on May 18, 2014
at 11:30 a.m.
at the Stake Center on Shepard Lane
in Farmington

Come support Sarah if you can!
We're so proud of her